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triggar biofeedback modules

At Triggar VR, we are transforming the way patients manage anxiety and recover from medical treatments through the power of virtual reality (VR). Our innovative VR tool provides a personalized, non-invasive, and effective solution that enhances patient care and outcomes.

### For Patients ###

**Anxiety Reduction**: Immerse yourself in calming and therapeutic virtual environments designed to reduce anxiety and

promote relaxation.

**Real-time Biofeedback**: Our advanced sensors monitor your physiological responses, such as heart rate and skin conductivity, adjusting the VR experience in real-time to help you stay calm and focused.

**Personalized Therapy**: Each VR session is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a customized therapeutic experience every time.

**Pain Distraction**: Engage in immersive VR environments that help distract from pain and discomfort during medical procedures.

**Pre-Surgery Relaxation**: Manage pre-surgery anxiety effectively, leading to better surgical outcomes and a smoother recovery process.

### For Clinicians ###

**Enhanced Patient Monitoring**: Gain valuable insights into your patient's stress and anxiety levels through real-time data on physiological responses.

**Data-Driven Adjustments**: Make informed decisions on treatment adjustments based on real-time biofeedback from the patient.

**Non-Pharmacological Option**: Offer a non-drug alternative for anxiety management, ideal for patients who may not respond well to medications.

**Clinical Validation**: Trust in a system backed by clinical evidence, ensuring effectiveness and reliability in medical settings.

**Regulatory Compliance**: Rest assured with a tool designed to meet FDA and other regulatory standards, guaranteeing safety and efficacy for patient use.


### Key Features ###

**Eye Tracking**: Detects eye movements such as looking up, down, or keeping eyes closed, and adjusts the VR environment accordingly.

**Head Movements**: Tracks head movements like nodding or shaking to trigger different therapeutic responses.

**GSR and HRV Monitoring**: Uses galvanic skin response and heart rate variability to gauge anxiety levels and adjust the VR experience to calm the patient.


### Versatile Use Cases ###

**In-Clinic Treatments**: Perfect for private clinics, assisting with anxiety management during various treatments, including ketamine therapy.

**Hospital Settings**: Ideal for hospitals, helping manage patient anxiety and integrating seamlessly with insurance reimbursement programs.

**At-Home Therapy**: Provides the convenience of continuing therapy sessions at home, ensuring continuity of care and effective treatment

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