Built in the gaming engine Unity the Triggar apps

feature set includes:

  • Live stream or on-demand video

  • 2D or 3D 16x9 & 360 video

  • Virtual buttons & hotspots

  • Timeline point of view controls

  • Cloud transcoding to support multiple devices

  • TCODED Private channels

  • Ambisonic Sound

AR /VR Cloud

Our white label Apps & CMS enable you to fast track delivery of your experiences. 

  • Live stream or download video in 2D or 3D on 16x9 or 360

  • Gazeable Virtual buttons & hotspot

  • Timeline point of view controls

  • Live Content management - no app updates needed to refresh content 

The Triggar Cloud is defining the future of entertainment empowering brands, enterprise and government agencies alike to leverage cutting edge technology and fasttrack delivery.


"On location in the Tasman Sea"

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